The United States, land of the free, home of the brave. The mantra of this phrase has been blurred over the years as many feel that statement is not an objective one depending on who you are. For Christian emcee, Lawren, with all politics and social chaos aside, being free is something he and his family will never take for granted because of their heritage.
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Pause for a second and think about your favorite artist. Now take a moment and think about the person behind the scenes that helped make them who they are. The picture in your head is not so easy to come up with now, is it? Who coached them, who believed in them when they needed encouragement, who slept on cold floors and toured in broken down vans with them before they made it? Today, we present to you, Ruben Torres. He is that guy that has stayed behind the scenes and helped create magic in not only the Christian music industry but out into all music and even the film industry.
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The cliches of baseball are many: “it's a marathon,” “it’s a long season,” “we have 162 games to play,” and the same can be said about serving God and also being a musician. New artists are popping up all the time, and most often they are left to make their own mistakes and successes. For Eric Heron, few artists are as mentally and emotionally prepared to take on a life of serving God through music than he is.
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