Fedel dropped his new album this week 'Club David'. Watch the video where Fedel talks about the new album and more... Add a comment

Fat Beats is a hip hop institution. For those who don’t know that, first go punch yourself in the face, then come back to read this interview. I initially met Joseph Abajian through our mutual partnership at the time, Koch Entertainment (now known as E1). Fat Beats had a distribution deal as a record label with Koch, but also did account purchasing on behalf of both their brick and mortar retail stores as well as their one-stop distribution network which supplied several niche retailers around the world. Beyond that, we did some business together on various levels, and eventually connected on LinkedIn, the social network for professionals. At that time, I noticed on his profile he had a seminary listed under education. But, to be honest I run into religious affiliations all of the time in the mainstream where I do a large part of my business, and it usually means nothing (sadly that applies to the Christian market too, but that’s an article for another time). Nonetheless my interest was piqued and I reached out to ask about his time at seminary. I ended up finding out that we had a lot more in common than just a love for Hip Hop, but I will let him tell you about that himself. Add a comment


Jahaziel, from London UK, talks about his whereabouts, the upcoming projects he has coming up, as well as his current mixtape 'Still Livin''. Add a comment


Corey Red talks on what he's working on, upcoming albums, and shares his testimony and more. Add a comment


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