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The name is Humble Tip, I been ministering ever since da King entered da kid, through my walk, but I've been spittin for 4 years now. Man there ain't enough room on this page for me to give yall the genesis of how things began, without taking up the whole page all I can say is that the rap thing was never my plan. I originally planned to be a sports agent and then I got to Liberty (LU stand up) and God totally redirected my entire life for His Glory, so um cool as Zach Morris with that. I’m from Capitol Heights, Merlin (yeah, we don’t pronounce it Maryland). Man, I really just have a desire, a passion, a hunger to have God use me to evangelize and build up the inner city and urban community; but not exclusively to only them, anybody who want it can get. God don’t care who get saved. He want em all, so I want em all.

Your name "Humble T.I.P.", what does it stand for and how did you come up with it?
Humble Tip is da name, being used is da game. The T.I.P in Humble Tip stands for (Too Increase Praise). In my immature faze of my walk I was a very carnal minded Christian who was inwardly prideful. That was my biggest struggle and when I began ministering through this unique art form I really felt the urge to continue to remind myself that pride goes before destruction, ESPECIALLY IN THE HIP HOP GENRE. So a constant reminder to myself of who I do this for and why I do it is my name. My humility isn’t for me, it’s to redirect all praise to the Father. I’m tryna be on dat Numbers 12:3 ya dig?

Your releasing your debut album "Our Turn" August 5th, how much work have you put in it (since it's your debut album)?
Man I been working 25/8, 367 on leap years fam. Put it like this, I just graduated with a degree in health promotion so this is how last semester looked, attend classes, do my internship, shoot the “Our Turn” music video, get in da boof to record, travel on the weekends to do shows and work a part time job. So yeah, I put a lil bit of work in it. I am just so happy that I have such an amazing support team around me who first and foremost like me as a person. A lot of street teams don’t even like who they pushin, but that’s not the problem here. Everybody is excited with the ministry and the music; that is also rare. Because I am independent a lot of my own personal funds have been invested into this project, but ayne trippin cuz I know God provides so it’s as simple as dat. I put da two mixtapes out, younginz was really feelin them and being ministered to through them, so I am really expecting a lot of fan support with this project, it really doesn’t sound like any other artist out right now, so expect something different.

 ImageWhat do you want to accomplish with the album?
Man I really just am proclaiming and declaring what every artist, fan, youth group, youth pastor and dj already feels. It’s Our Turn man. Take for instance that new Flame music video with Creezy. Some odd years ago we could have only dreamed about music videos that high quality and well produced, now it’s a reality. I really believe that God has given us this season to take the stage and proclaim Hid goodness, grace, mercy, wrath, justice, judgment and all that is Him to any and everybody that will listen. So the album “Our Turn” really encompasses that boldness; out with the old and in with the new you feel me? The world, them younginz had their chance, they chose to promote and try to beautify mans sin nature. God aint pleased with that; so, it’s time for da clean up crew to come through and show truth. (aye man, I can’t help but rhyme, umma rapper).

What inspired you creating the album?
My inspiration comes from everywhere. For real man, I can be watching a cartoon and get a song concept, or maybe my life, or a lot of the times they may come from a sermon, I don’t know how many songs and punch lines I have been given by listening to the late Dr. Rev. Jerry Falwell speak rip (rejoice in paradise). It can be anything, for instance the lead single “Red Light Special” came from me watching Dreamgirls, (the scene were Jamie Foxx says, “People love songs about cars”) Lecrae’s Jesus Musick and also life personal experiences, I hate pulling up to red lights and having to hear secular music for 45 seconds or longer, so I decided to make Red Light Special.

Any other Christian Rappers that inspire you or are an example to you?
Man I take from them all, I love Ritchie Righteous stage presence, I love Corey Reds rawness, I love Ambassadors ability to break down the complexity of scriptures, I love the way K-Drama has fun and enjoys his music, I love the detail that Phanatik displays when telling stories, I love the longevity that the Gospel Gangstaz have sustained, I love the way da Truth has introduced this genre to the Gospel community, I like how personal and real Japhia Life is, the wordplay and breathing techniques of Tedashi, the pop appeal of Michelle Bonilla, the business hustle of Syntax, the community unity of Crossmovement, the way Frontlynaz, J. Johnson and Lavoisier are all able to spit Christian that doesn’t sound quote unquote Christian, the unique voice of Trip, the unplugged feel of Cam and Show Baraka,  man I am influenced by them all.

Your a fresh and new face, what is something everyone should know about you?
Yeah um a pretty new dude. I just want people to know that I wanna be used, I’m hitting up youth groups, detention centers, neighborhood clean ups, block parties, political rallies, youth conferences any where the Gospel needs to be, with or without the mic is where I’ll be.

You have a music video that already debuted, was it a smooth process to make (creating the video)?
NO, it wasn’t smooth at all but it was peaceful and it still got done. I’m working on doing two more and they will be out by the end of the year. It took a lot to do the two we already have but I am not complaining. God supplied me with a great team called 9mm (millimeter) out of Massachusetts and they were really excited so that made the very long process worth it.

ImageWhich is your favorite song?
Man I really don’t know what my favorite song is because ever song literally has a different feel. If I had to choose a song it would be the last song of the album called, “I Need You”. This was probably the most personal song on the album and I’m sure every believer can relate to the song. I just need Him so much and this was probably one of few songs on the project that was directly wrote to God and not the audience. Its deep man.

We've meet last year for the first time at Flavor Fest 2007, what do you think of the event and will you return for 2008?
I really liked Flavor Fest, but I can’t lie dude, the spiritual aspect was on point, but I do think there could have been more of a focus on the business side of things. But I understand where they are coming from, they want to build artist who are strong in their faith and understand the core values of our belief system so I can’t fault them for that; but if you asking me to be real with it, I do wish I was able to hear more about the business aspect of things. Also, I saw a few egos that were a lil on pedestal and I didn’t really like that but that wasn’t Flavor Fest fault that’s something that those artists have to deal with in their own walk and prayer life. I would love to go back though, I like the services and the sessions and the concerts, the only thing was it was kind of weird was for it to be warm in November, since I’m from the DC area, but that’s nothing to adjust to.

What does Christian Hip Hop need more of?
Christian hip hop needs more humility, more of a heart to be used by God at any capacity, at any venue whether big or small, seen or unseen and MIC OR NO MIC. Humility will cure a lot of the cancers that have entered our community. If every artist/ minister would approach their calling with a humble heart that was willing to do whatever God called them to do then a lot more people would be reached in every arena, not just through discipleship and not just through evangelizing but through every arena.

What does Christian Hip Hop need less of?
Christian hip hop needs less pride and division. I hate going to events and seeing cliques separated, I hate seeing artist who won’t approach a fan and introduce themselves, this pride is killing our community. Its causes a distance between the artist and the fan, it’s like the artist only wants to be bothered with the fan, when the fan is buying the album and that aint right. Also the division is Christian hip hop is crazy, this is the Body of Christ, if the world can’t see us unified and they see us bickering and having these lil girl arguments and beefs then our image will not attract them to the cross. STOP IT, that’s how the world handles things and last time I checked we were only in the world, we aint of it.

Any last words?
Lastly, man I hope yall enjoy the album, I hope it ministers to you all, you can hit me up at, leave a message, I will reply and just keep Christ first, cuz if we aint doin it for Him, then we just like them. I would like for anyone who can to add my album pic to their myspace page in a effort to help me promote. Man they had their go at it, now it’s OUR TURN. Ministry over industry.

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