Rawsrvnt After the Show - Ultimate Merger

Rawsrvnt (Eddy) shared his love for Jesus during episode 3 of the TV One reality show “Donald J. Trump presents The Ultimate Merger.” When Omarosa of “The Apprentice” fame asked Eddy “Tell me about yourself,” his opening line was “I’m in love with Jesus.” Wow! Talk about taking a bold stance for who you believe in. You can definitely see what’s in his heart (Matthew 12:34).

Despite his powerful, honest opening line, his interaction with her didn’t go so well. In our opinion, it really didn’t seem as if she was truly interested in listening to what Eddy had to say during their conversation. Because of there inability to communicate properly Eddy was sent home.

Even though he didn’t make “The Ultimate Merger” with Omarosa, he tweeted a genuine salute to her praying for her happiness and shared what we believe as the summary of him being on the show. “I pray that the world knows the ultimate merger isn’t between a man and a woman but it’s between God and man. That’s real love,” Eddy says. “You’ll only know true love when you experience God’s love. He’s the ultimate merger and the ultimate relationship.”

We caught up with Eddy for a more in-depth look into his experience on the show, sharing his love for Jesus on national television, his feelings about Omarosa, and more.

Describe the whole experience in a few words.
It was a roller coaster ride. There was never a dull moment. You never knew what you were going to be faced with throughout the day. Everything moved so fast, and the producers kept us in the dark throughout most of the journey, so whatever we would get involved with was a surprise.

Were you looking for love?
When I found out what the show was about, I didn’t jump up and down thinking ‘Yeah…I’m finally gonna find the woman of my dreams!’ LOL! I literally took this opportunity to show the world what a Christian man looks like, what a man that’s in love with Jesus looks like, and how a godly man approaches dating and life in general. Now I did leave it open that if I gelled with the her, thought she was cool, and felt there was a connection there, I would explore the possibilities of pursuing a relationship with her. But as you already know, that didn’t happen. LOL!

Did you know it was going to be Omarosa?
Naw man. I didn’t. I just got asked to be a part of a dating reality show and thought it would be cool to show the world how a godly man approaches dating and just vibes with a woman period. You see, back in the days I learned a lot of my game from the O.G.’s that were around me. Now it’s my turn to hip the shorty’s to the game and teach them what time it is. (Smile). I definitely rather hip them to the game of life than have them learn it from some dude that ain’t bout nuttin’.

Were you even able to share your faith? If so, was it easy to do so?
Of course I was. That’s why they wanted me on the show. They wanted me for what I stand for, for what I believe in. You see, I believe what the Bible says is true. The world does wait in eager expectation for the sons of God to be revealed, even on ‘reality TV.’ I’m so glad that I was able to go on the show and display to the world what a son of God looks like. It was easy because I was just being me, and living life the way I normally do. Often times the church likes to stay in their ‘holy huddles’ and not go into the world to share the good news that Jesus loves us just the way we are. Since coming to understand that His love won’t leave us the way it found us, my life has been forever changed. It felt great being able to share this unconditional love with my potential mate while letting viewers all over the globe see what a man that loves Jesus really looks like.

How was the experience?
It was awesome. I was able to meet some cool people that I would’ve never met otherwise. I was able to share God’s heartbeat with them and just vibe with them. I was also able to enjoy God’s beautiful desert landscape as well as the vibrant city of Las Vegas that was right in the center. It was definitely crazy.

How was it off the camera?
The cameras were on us pretty much 24/7. There were only two scenarios where they weren’t…when you slept and when you were using the bathroom. LOL! Other than that, the cameras were capturing your every move. It was crazy but God reminded me that it’s no different than every day living. If you’re a believer, the world is watching and capturing your every move as you live your life. They are waiting to see your reaction to life’s challenges and scenarios that are placed before you. So, even if you’re not on a reality TV show yourself [believe me] the world is still watching you and their camera’s (people’s eyes) are tapping you 24/7.

What was your interaction with Omarosa like?
On camera, it was a challenge. There was definitely a prey/predator relationship going on. She setup certain ‘scenarios’ and seemingly had the desired outcome already laid out in her mind. However, when those scenarios where actually played out and the outcome wasn’t going as she anticipated, she’d cut me off, redirect my steps, or completely change the subject altogether. Interactions off camera were rare since the cameras were rolling most of the time. However, it was during those rare moments that I was able to see that uncut gem that was just waiting to be selected, cut, and polished so she could shine above the rest and show her potential mate the real prize he stood to gain.

How hard was it being on a dating show and having to participate in crazy stuff/worldly things?
Well…I didn’t get involved in stuff that I thought would distract me from my mission. You see, I know that we are constantly surrounded by things that will harm us on a daily basis. I’ve developed my trust in God so much that even though I walk through something that’s not so cool, I’m only walking through it and I’m not stuck in it. I know that He won’t give me more than I can handle and I trust Him that when it gets too rough He’ll provide a way out so I don’t get caught up in something that I’ll regret later. I believe that comes from a direct relationship with Him and knowing that He’s got my back and wants the best for me. So really, it boils down to this: Throughout the show I had personal choices to make…do I allow being in front of the camera change who I truly am, or do I stand firm and continue to let God guide my steps and do what I would do normally on and off the stage? I chose the latter every step of the way and still do.

Did you want to participate in any of those things?
You gotta understand that I am still a man. I face challenges like everybody else does. I just come at them from a different angle. So as a man of God, I always have to remember that there are many things that are sacred only to be shared between a husband and wife. So that’s the card I always play. Ace high baby!

I went on the show to show the world what a man whose in love with Jesus really looks like and my goal was to show them how a godly man treats a woman (any woman) especially one that he may be contemplating a more personal relationship with. I also wanted to show the world how a godly man simply approaches life in general. I did not participate in any activities that would compromise my beliefs or my walk with God. As a matter of fact, at times, I even forfeited some of the events purposefully to make sure I didn’t get involved with some things that would have me feeling uncomfortable and have folks trippin’. (Smile. You know they already are). LOL!

From your point of view, was the outcome positive or negative?
I think that overall my involvement on the show was positive. I’ve been able to reach people that I would’ve never reached without doing it. Plus being the pioneer of the Hip-Hop Worship movement I was able to get our music in the hearts and minds of movers and shakers from all over our country. I’m excited to see the fruit of my involvement in on the show in the near distant future.

Did you have any fun?
On the real…I had a great time getting to know some of the guys on the show as well as Omarosa (mostly off camera with her though…LOL!). I also had fun hanging out with the Trump and TV One crew. They’re great people.

Are you still in contact with any of the cast from the show?
Yeah man. I talk with Omarosa and the guys quite often. I strive to reach out to them as much as possible. I’m thankful that we all crossed paths and I’ve been enjoying being able to vibe with them and get to know them.

Do you have any regrets being on the show?
No, I don’t have any regrets at all. I think it’s kind of funny that a lot of people are raising their eyebrows at me, but I believe in and stand by my decision. If we alienate ourselves from the very people we’re striving to reach how are we supposed to reach them? How did Jesus do it? How did He impact the people in His city, and in His surrounding areas? By being accessible, easy to find, easy to approach, loving, kind, compassionate, not mean, arrogant or judgmental. So, yeah, I knew on the show there was gonna be a lot of crazy things that I didn’t agree with, but hey, there’s a lot of stuff I don’t agree with in this world that we live in but I still live in it. I just don’t let the world’s system dictate the way I live. I dictate the way I live in the world’s system. Kingdom minded baby!! So even though there’s a lot of things I didn’t agree with on the show, or things I saw that I didn’t vibe with, it didn’t stop me from being me and focusing on my game and my calling.

Would you do a reality show again?
I gotta be honest with you…I would. It was quite an experience being on a reality TV show. You don’t really know what to expect. The producers keep you guessing the whole time you’re on the show. From one day to the next it’s like a total disconnect from the world, but you get to spend time with folks that you’ve never bumped into before so it’s cool. It’s like watching TV, listening to the radio, and reading a blog all at the same time because everybody’s coming from different walks of life and you’re seeing it played out right in front of you. It’s interesting. I hope that my next TV experience allows me to further do what God has called me to do…share His heartbeat with people.

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