Q&A: What was your first Christian Hip Hop album?

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Check out what some artists had to say:

- DJ Essence: Mars Ill 'Raw Material'

- Rob Hodge: The Ambassador 'Christology'

- R-Swift: Cross Movement 'House of Representatives'

- Thi'sl: Tunnel Rats 'Tunnel Vision'

- Sho Baraka, DJ Official, spec: Cross Movement 'Heaven's Mentality'

- Propaganda & DJ Morph: LPG 'Earthworm'

- Butta P of Rhema Soul: Souljahz 'The Fault is History'

- DJ Official: Flynn Adam Atkins 'Louder'

- spec: Urban D. 'The Answers'


- Braille: Boogie Monsters 'God Sound'

- John Reuben: P.I.D. 'Here We Are'

- K-Drama: A-1 Swift 'Tales From The Swift'

- Todd Collins: Freedom Soul 'Caught in a Land of Time'

- John Wells aka Tonic (of Cross Movement): Tape from D-Boy

- Mark J, Sketch The Journalist, Nickels: Stephen Wiley 'Bible Break'

- DJ D-Lite: Dynamic Twins 'Word 2 The Wize'

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