Dee-1 Says 'Sallie Mae Back' Does Not Fit on New Concept Record

Dee-1 spoke to Rapzilla at SXSW and explained where Sallie Mae Back fits on his new record and the next record.

The emcee said right now he’s in the studio working with non-famous producers. He said it’s not about working with famous people, it’s about working on an album only he can do.

He also explained that the project he’s working on now is one of two he has in the works. “I get side tracked easily.”

Watch the interview below:

Dee-1 said “Sallie Mae Back” doesn’t really fit on his new album because it’s a concept record.

He said the actual office of “Sallie Mae” contacted him and said they couldn’t stop singing his track.

He wants people to view the song as something to encourage them in their finances. “It’s real music. It’s life lessons that I’m teaching you in this song.”

Watch the video below:

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