Street Hymns & Th3 Saga dream of matches against Loaded Lux and B Dot

Street Hymns and Th3 Saga spoke to Rapzilla about potentially getting looked at by other battle leagues and who they want to battle in the future .

Street Hymns said personally no one has reached out to him but he is happy other Christian rappers are being looked at. “There are certain battlefields. You are not always called to be in other ones.”

Th3 Saga said he’s happy where he is at and does not mind being there until God calls him somewhere else. He said there’s room for everyone to go. “I don’t have to be the only Christian on Smack,” he said.

Watch the video below:

The pair then spoke about who is on their radar as far as battles are concerned.

Th3 Saga shot high and said he loved to battle Loaded Lux. The two went back and forth picking who they’d want to verse.

Watch the interview below:

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