Butta P Says Rhema Soul is Coming Back Soon

Female emcee Butta P spoke to Rapzilla about her new single “Side Chick,” new record, and bringing Rhema Soul back together.

Butta said she began working on “Side Chick” toward the end of her last record. She felt it went well with the new music she is working on.

“The song ‘Side Chick’ is really just talking about how this culture is now, we celebrate being a side chick,” Butta P said. “We have all these shows that they celebrate being the mistress…it’s cool to have this side girl.”

“How do we address it and deal with it.”

Her new EP is coming out this summer, but she does not have a release date yet.

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Butta P also announced Rhema Soul is getting back together after they all release new projects. “Rhema Soul will be having some stuff,” she said before adding that GAWVI and Social Club probably won’t have a direct hand in the new stuff.

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She also spoke about the unique sound and abilities of Rhema Soul when they are together.

“Everyone plays a different role,” she said. “I believe sometimes that our role was to create a platform for other people to come up behind us.”

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