In the last couple of years, race has come to the forefront of many discussions, and Christian hip-hop is no exception. The topics of black and white tensions have become themes of albums and singles, sparking reaction and arguments from people of all walks. However, one group has been notably silent – those who are neither. Their issues aren’t so “black and white.”
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Konata Small was just named as Reflection Music Group’s first signee to their new imprint RMG Amplify. Known for his time with Rhema Soul as K-Nuff, Konata spoke about his name change, friendship with GAWVI, and how an IHOP breakfast with Marty of Social Club Misfits changed his Marty's life.
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“Life is a journey, it’s not a destination. Our detours make us who we are. God has a way of using our detours. Unplanned events, God has a way of making them for Him,” – Marty of Social Club.

In the adventure of life, it’s our misadventures that make us who we are. For Martin Santiago and Fernando Miranda, this has never been as clear as it is now.
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20 years at one job is a long time. Many years doing things with the same pattern and routine has an unshakable comfortability to it that makes you dread change. Now, what if someone told you, “Your way” isn’t the way anymore? What if they said, “You’re too old” or “Not relevant”? Well, this is exactly what happened to longtime Christian emcee KJ-52.
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A sea of dimly lit candles surrounded a borderline uncomfortable Eric Sundermann as Pastor Harry Thomas Jr. led a crowd of tens of thousands in prayer. Though maybe not visibly moved, Eric’s insides were twisting a bit at what he once had and what he left behind. Sundermann was at this year’s Creation Festival, and as the spirit of God moved over the field on Agape Farm, PA, he wasn’t sure how to feel.
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Last week, Rapzilla introduced one of Christian hip-hop’s early founders, Stephen Wiley. Wiley’s connection to the golden era of hip-hop helped spark an untapped segment of music Christian circles had not heard of. As this new breed of gospel-inspired rap music began to hit the streets, the church and even Christian music in general, were not ready for the wave.
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