Rapzilla.com's 11 Freshmen of 2011 - Kareem fka Katalyst

Kareem Manuel fka Katalyst - follow Kareem Manuel @kareemmanuel
Chicago has been known to create its cold weather and even colder emcees. Kareem fits the mold. Kareem launched his first album 'Death by Design' on the imprint he and his cohorts founded, Legacy Music. Using his gritty mid-western style, he pleads with the listener to follow Christ. And IF salvation could be accomplished in sola flowa - by flow alone - Kareem may be able to pull that feat off. But alas, its not. All the while, even the most hard hearted listener may not bare witness to the Lordship of Jesus on first listen, one thing they can’t avoid is the raw ability of Kareem. And with 2011 giving way to a VERY ambitious project from him consisting of an album with a corresponding graphic novel, music videos and concert series -WHOA- Kareem may very well push the boundaries so far that the way music is promoted and the way stories are told gets changed in Christian Hip Hop... forever.

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