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  • Album Listening Session: HillaryJane - Stix and Stones Unplugged

    In July of 2014, the 21-year-old Houston native showcased her talents as a singer, songwriter, and rapper over a fusion of trap, hip hop, and soulful sounds with her debut project Stix and Stones. HillaryJane addressed issues many young people face today, including bullying, low self esteem and materialism, and sharing her positive worldview founded in Christ.
  • Exclusive Music Premiere: Skrip - Castles In The Sky

    Chicago native Skrip, releases "Castles In The Sky," a exclusive premiere and of an epic 80's pop chorus mixed with 2015 raps, as the first single off his upcoming EP Show and Tell.
  • Free Download: KIDD - Babylon[ER] ft. Kiya Lacey

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    Listen to and download KIDD's latest project 'Hipsavvy: The Introduction' featuring John Givez, Derek Luh, JGivens & more for free.
  • Free Download: Lecrae - Nuthin (Skrip Remix)

    Chicago producer/artist Skrip, remixed Lecrae's single "Nuthin" from his #1 album Anomaly, and added a verse. You may remember Skrip's production on Andy Mineo's song "Cocky" from his project Heroes For Sale. Download Skrip's "Nuthin" remix free!
  • Free Download: Skrip - For Another Day

    Skrip opens up on his new free download, "For Another Day".
  • HillaryJane Announces 'Stix and Stones Unplugged' Cover + Tracklisting

    HillaryJane released her debut EP Stix and Stones on Infiltrate Music this past July to a warm welcome from fans and media across multiple genres. Stix and Stones also peaked at #3 on the iTunes R&B chart which were attributed to the vocals, however the music produced entirely by 808xEliTE was hip hop. HillaryJane starts her songwriting on her acoustic guitar so it was only natural to take her project to it's roots.
  • HillaryJane's Stix and Stones Peaks at #3 on iTunes R&B

    Infiltrate Music’s newest signee HillaryJane, released her debut solo project entitled Stix and Stones today. The 7-song EP, on its first day of release, has reached the number 3 spot on the iTunes R&B/Soul charts.
  • KIDD - Insomnia Vacation music video

    All the grinders need one. Insomnia Vacation. Tune into the music video by Infiltrate Music's youngest emcee, KIDD.
  • KIDD Talks Hipsavvy Movement and more

    If KIDD gets his way, Hipsavvy: The Introduction, the free project he released in July, will have served as the launch of a movement.
  • Listening Session: HillaryJane 'Stix and Stones' EP

    The 20-year-old Houston resident showcases her talents as a singer and rapper over a fusion of trap, hip hop, and soulful sounds. With her debut project HillaryJane looks to address issues many young people face today, including bullying, low self esteem and materialism, and sharing her positive message.

    The entire EP was produced by Grammy Award winners 808XEliTE, aside from a bonus remix of “Shotgun” by HXLY KXSS.
  • Live Interview: HillaryJane

    HillaryJane recently released her EP, Stix and Stones. Tune in and learn more about the songwriter, singer, and rapper. Ask your questions for HillaryJane on YouTube.
  • Music: HillaryJane - Celebrity ft. Thi'sl

    As a society we struggle with valuing fame and fortune over everything else. On "Celebrity", HillaryJane and guest Thi'sl bring listeners a satirical banger about possessions that can't fulfill our desire for true happiness. Pounding drums from the production of Grammy Award winning duo 808XEliTE set the tone and help drive the point home. The debut EP, Stix and Stones by HillaryJane, releases via Infiltrate Music on July 29th.
  • Music: KIDD - Whipped Cream

    Infiltrate Music hip-hop artist KIDD released his most recent song, "Whipped Cream," on DJBooth last week.
  • Music: Skrip - Right Now

    "Right Now" is the third single from Infiltrate Music recording artist Skrip's upcoming self-produced album Renegades Never Die.
  • Skrip Reveals New Album 'Renegades Never Die' Cover + Tracklisting

    Skrip, the first artist to sign to Infiltrate Music is the last to release a retail project on the label. With production duties on his free full length project Und_rscore II, label mate KIDD's Murder My Flesh, Andy Mineo's "Cocky" and more - Skrip kept delaying his first release on Infiltrate. The wait is over - sort of.
  • Video: HillaryJane - ''Shotgun''

    HillaryJane drops a 1 take music video for her single "Shotgun" from her recent debut EP, Stix and Stones
  • Video: HillaryJane - ''Wild Side''

    HillaryJane matches a visual to her single "Wild Side" - a song about being confident in being truly different. Wild Side is from HillaryJane's debut EP Stix and Stones which released this summer and peaked at #3 on the iTunes R&B charts.
  • Video: HillaryJane - Stix and Stones

    HillaryJane and Infiltrate Music follow up a successful release week of her debut project 'Stix and Stones' with a music video for the title track. The title track is about being confident in Christ despite what haters and naysayers say about you. In the end their opinion doesn't matter.
  • Video: HillaryJane - Stix and Stones Unplugged mini documentary

    The enigmatic voice of 21-year-old HillaryJane has brought a fresh approach to the world of hip-hop. While being a relative newcomer, her smooth voice and inspired words have quickly garnered both public and critical acclaim. Her debut EP Stix and Stones hit the #3 spot on the iTunes top R&B Albums chart
  • Video: Skrip - Behind The Beat: Renegades Never Die

    Skrip releases a new behind-the-scenes documentary detailing the creation and production of each song from his new album Renegades Never Die. The album releases on February 24th from Infiltrate Music.

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