Hip-Hop artist J. Crum dropped his Flawed EP in August and around the same time began releasing music videos for each track that served as short films that told one complete story. Watch each of these videos below.

Part 1: J. Crum is struggling with dealing with his current position in life and forgets his priorities with his family.

Part 2: J. Crum and his wife see a familiar face on the TV. J has a hard time explaining what he’s seen.

Part 3: J. Crum gets a call from an old friend and leaves to go handle a situation. The crisis begins to unfold.

Part 4: J. Crum hits up a house party looking for help and gets wrapped up in former addictions.

Part 5: J. Crum calls on some friends to help him out of his current troubles and searches for redemption.

Part 6: J. Crum realizes his mistakes and seeks to reconcile with his wife.

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