We finally got a Justice League trailer on Saturday and it did not fail to deliver. It’s everything it was reported to be and makes this movie look like the best one that’s come out of the DCU since before Man Of Steel. This, along with Wonder Woman, will go a long way to salvaging any loyalty they’ve lost among fans if they turn out as good as their trailers. Take a gander and then ponder the 5 things I chose to point out either because they might need some explanation or because they’re just simply rad.


Vic Stone’s Dad And The Mother Box

At the beginning of the trailer we’re introduced to Bruce Wayne starting to hunt down the members of the League. At 28 seconds in we see Doctor Silas Stone in his home taking a look at a strange item in the corner emitting energy. This is called a “Motherbox” and in the comics, it’s the way that Darkseid and his minions are able to travel between worlds. Not only does this artifact produce teleportation streams called “Boom Tubes” but they also contain a vast A.I. and technology well beyond human understanding. Dr. Stone is the father of Cyborg (Vic Stone) who we see a ton of in this trailer. Is it possible that he used the Mother Box to transform and save his son after the tragic car accident he was involved in? Either way, it looks like the Parademon behind Dr. Stone might want it back which may be what leads Cyborg to join the league.

Vic Stone's Dad

Age of Heroes

Around 1:07 we hear a voice (Diana?) say “They said the Age of Heroes would never come again” right before a sweet panning shot of the league. It’s likely that she’s referring to events that are shown later in the trailer around 1:50 in which a massive battle is being depicted. It seems that thousands of years ago Darkseid attempted to invade Earth and the combined forces of the Amazonians, Atlanteans, and Mankind were able to fend off the attack. It looks like the Justice League represents the beginning of a new Age of Heroes.


Batman’s Nightcrawler

Just after Barry Allen (Flash) asks Bruce what his superpower was (he’s rich) we see a shot of a large military style vehicle coming to life. This thing’s called the “Nightcrawler” or “Crawler” for short. It’s essentially a giant tank that can climb walls, hence the name, and we see Batman climb in and take out several Parademons while saving Wonder Woman. It’s nice to see so many vehicles get added to his arsenal and I’m excited to see what kind of damage this thing can do.

Batman Nightcrawler

Mera: Queen of Atlantis

We get a very brief introduction to Mera at 1:48. This is Aquaman’s wife and it looks like she’s protecting, along with some other Atlanteans, a Motherbox. The 3 parts of the original Age of Heroes agreed to keep one a piece and it seems that the villain, Steppenwolf (not shown in this trailer) is interested in recovering them for Darkseid. Aquaman (Jason Momoa) kind of steals the trailer and I’m particularly interested to see how he and Mera (Amber Heard) interact on screen. They will be one of only a handful of married couples we’ve ever seen in a superhero flick and they’re royalty to boot. Aquaman seems to be a very “Dude” Lebowski meets Thor sort of character. He should have a very interesting relationship with everyone and be a nice break from the heaviness that has surrounded the DC movies to date.

Mera: Queen of Atlantis

The New Commish

At 2:05 we hear Commissioner Gordon (J.K. Simmons) talking to Batman and telling him “It’s nice to see you playing well with others again.”, and obvious reference to Batman’s former Robin and maybe more. I absolutely love J.K. Simmons as Gordon and if the Batman movie ever gets around to being made I’ll be happy to see him and Affleck dig into some scenes together. But when Aquaman pops up and offers the quick comedy note it’s hugely appreciated. The one thing the rest of the DCU movies have lacked to this point is a feeling of lightheartedness. They’re incredibly dark and brooding and it’s my hope that the jokes and lighter notes in this trailer are a good indication of what we’ll see in the theater.

The New Commish

I won’t lie, this one has me excited and after Suicide Squad, that was going to be hard to do. I think Warner Bros. knows that it has some work to do to win back the loyalty it lost in both Batman VS Superman and Suicide Squad. The team behind Justice League, however, seem to be making all the right moves to earn back some trust. November seems like forever away.