Kenya-born artist and producer from Tokyo, Japan, Tweli-G released his latest Japanese speaking self-produced single called “The Only One”.

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they dont want us to know
but i know
there is no one but you
alpha and omega
first and last
you will never change
you’re the one the only one
only you are the one
you’re the one the only one
forever you are the one

only you, only you
these fake ones don’t even come close
you alone, you alone
YAHWEH there is only one true god, his name is yahweh
our creator, the author of life
im so thankful your existence is the only truth
people have opinions, but the truth is just one
if you don’t wake up now, you will be late
thats why i say you are loved
don’t ignore me, i am waiting for your response
god wants to spend eternity with us
i mean we can’t be just be living to die


in a world full of deceit
what can we truly trust
if there is one who has no deceit
then his promises can be trusted
in all existence, there is only christ
look at his life, it was only full of love
seek and you will find
if you want to know the truth, it resides in the word of god
there is no one more reliable than the heavenly father
there is no man that has no fault
but knowing us in our entirety he still chose to die for us
but then he rose again for us