J. Monty’s music video for “100 Bars, Pt. 3” has accumulated over three million views on YouTube and Facebook since it released last November.

At SXSW 2016, J. Monty talked about the popularity of the single for his November album, Second Born, in an interview with Rapzilla.

“A lot of people who had no idea Christian hip hop existed heard ‘100 Bars, Pt. 3’,” J. Monty said, “and a lot of them loved it and were impacted by it. If I could show y’all my inbox from that time period, I got so many people who were just like, ‘Bro, that mothereffin’ this and that just was the ish and yada yada.’ People were just going in. ‘But at the end of all of that, you got me thinking about Jesus, man. Who is this Jesus guy?'”

Watch this segment of J. Monty’s interview below, as well as him sharing a bit of the story behind another popular single of his, “I’m The Best Rapper Alive”.